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What Does a Wedding MC Do?

What is a Wedding MC?

The Wedding MC is the host of the wedding reception and can also be known as a Wedding Emcee, Wedding Host, Reception Host or Wedding Master of Ceremonies. The role of Master of Ceremonies can be performed by either a trusted friend or a seasoned professional. Couples will often choose their wedding celebrant to continue on into the night as their Wedding MC.


What Does the Master of Ceremonies Do at a Wedding?

The newlyweds need the MC to be in charge of keeping the event running smoothly, on schedule, and ensuring that all of the guests are having an awesome time. The Wedding Emcee is there to make sure the newlyweds are the stars of the show and that they are taken care of throughout, whilst also making sure the wedding party, immediate family, and guests are all having the time of their lives.

And if heaven forbid the train does come off the tracks, the Master of Ceremonies is there to make it look like everything is running to plan, and make all the last minute decisions.

What is the Wedding MC’s Job at a Wedding?

The Wedding MC’s duties include;

  • Meeting with the couple prior to the wedding

  • Be the point of contact for the event (liaising with venue, reception, catering staff, videographers, musicians etc)

  • Structuring the reception

  • Hosting the reception (Warming up the crowd, house keeping & announcements, introducing the speakers, reading telegrams from people who couldn’t make it on the day)

  • Keeping everything running to schedule

  • Facilitating cake cutting, toasts, games, first dance & bouquet toss.

What is the Order For The MC at a Wedding?

The run sheet for your wedding day and reception is a document that contains all the events that are happening on your wedding day, and all the key people and vendors that will help make that happen and the times at which those events will take place.

A rocking wedding MC flows between all of these elements seamlessly to create a smooth flowing night. The key times are set by the caterer and venue to ensure all meals are served hot. It is the Wedding MC’s job to include the formalities around these events, while also including time for the photographer to get the sunset photos, the speakers to prepare, and the videographer to set up their video and sound equipment.

Where Does A Wedding MC Sit During The Meal?

If your MC is a friend they will sit in their assigned seat with all the other guests at your wedding to eat, as no other events will take place during the meal. Professional Master of Ceremonies will eat with the other wedding vendors in a seperate area, usually once the caterers have served all of your guests. Please make an allowance for meals for your vendors when planning catering.


Wedding Reception Games Hosted By The MC.

Another fun element that might be included at your reception is a wedding game. These can range in the levels of preparation and execution, from a simple Heads Tales Wedding Game, to an elaborate Couple specific Family Feud. Couple specific questions are asked of the couple or crowd to create fun and excitement for everyone. These games are often a great way to break up speeches to get the energy back up after mains so people are ready to hit the dance floor!

How Much Does a Master of Ceremonies at a Wedding Cost in Australia?

Prices may vary from state to state, especially regarding experience level, so like celebrants, some wedding MC’s will cost more than others. But if the price is too good to be true, there is probably a reason…

Most professional Wedding MC’s will charge between $1500-$4000 for the evening, and that price will include a meeting to discuss the event, early arrival to meet venue coordinator and other wedding vendors, hosting duties from greeting the guests as they arrive all the way to a final boogie on the dance floor, travel and minor accomodation if required.

As a professional marriage celebrant and wedding MC, I often include both services in my wedding packages.

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How Do You Introduce Yourself at a Wedding as The MC?

If you are planning on hosting your friends wedding reception, and you are a little lost then fear not! I have written a full article here on How To Write A Great Wedding MC Introduction Speech.

What Should I Tell My Wedding MC?

Key elements to mention when booking in a professional Wedding Master of Ceremonies would be how many guests to expect, whether the reception is a sit down meal or canapé style, inside a venue or outside in a marquee, that they will need to provide a PA system or that one will be provided, if you would like any games hosted by them, and how you imagine the vibe and timeline of the event will run.

What Should A Wedding Emcee Wear?

A Wedding Master of Ceremony should definitely look the part in their role as the host of the wedding reception. They should dress along the same theme as the rest of the wedding party in a suit or dress that is crisp and formal, while not out shining the newlyweds. If there is a colour scheme, try and stick to it, and if there is a theme such as black tie or beach luxe, try not to stray too far from that.

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How Can Marry Us Gary Help as a Wedding MC?

I want you to have the best day ever and I’m here to look after you from start to finish. If you’ve trusted me to be your celebrant, it’s now time to relax and give your mate the night off!

Preparation is key to a reception that flows effortlessly, and that is why it is always recommended to hire a professional who is experienced, confident, and can be trusted to lay off the booze for the night. After our meeting I will gather some further information on the guest speakers via a questionnaire (so I know who’s who etc). From this I will prepare a script and running schedule for the evening.

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