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7 Tweaks to Transform Your Wedding MC Script Template

When it comes to being a wedding MC, you will definatly need a Wedding MC Script Template. This can be tweaked for every wedding but provides a basic overview of how you run the event.

At Marry Us Gary, we know that being a wedding MC doesn’t come without practice, which is why we’ve developed an online course “How to Be an Amazing Wedding MC.” To get you started though, this guide on how to tweak your wedding MC script template can take your event to the next level. Use these seven tweaks to make sure you’re bringing the party every time. 

What is the Wedding MC Script?

The wedding mc script (or wedding emcee script) is the wedding master of ceremonies script used by the host to perform their duties throughout the reception. It is often funny and contains the wedding mc speech, great introductions, master of ceremonies welcome, reception announcements, wedding games, speeches, the cake cut  instructions, first dance, bouquet toss, garter toss and time of the guard of honour.

1. Spice Up House Keeping Announcements

When you’re the wedding MC, not all your announcements are fun but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them enjoyable. You’ll probably have to make an announcement about the bathroom location or the fire exits.

Add in fun comments about the couple or memories to spruce up these announcements. Not only will this add to your MC abilities, people are also more likely to remember this information in case of an actual emergency. 

2. Have the Wedding MC Script Template Pre-Planned

You don’t want to go into the event and just wing it the entire time. You probably have a basic template but, if not, make your own. Take the time to sit down and fill it out before the big day.

Take the time to practice it, especially any areas that may seem a little awkward or uncomfortable. By being prepared, you’ll feel more relaxed and also make the day go off well. 

3. Create Fun Introductions for Each Speaker

Weddings are full of speeches and some of them don’t always go so well. You can ensure that the crowd stays engaged by creating fun introductions for each speaker. Get a list of each speaker and some information or fun facts that you might want to share with the crowd.

This will help nervous speakers perform better and also make up for any speeches that don’t go so smoothly. Everyone will appreciate keeping the situation light. 

4. Note the Locations of Participants

Many times, events are going to be important in the wedding so you’ll want to keep an eye on the proposed schedule. For example, the couple may want to go for sunset photos so this is a good time to avoid having any speeches. Take note of when they leave and come back so that you can resume the event and speeches.

Any key players who also need to be present should also be noted. Make sure that they’re present when you need them and not in the bathroom. This ensures that no one is left out of the major events. 


Wedding Emcee Speech

5. Give Yourself a Break in your Wedding MC Script Template

If the event is going to be a longer one, you’ll want to make sure that you have breaks as well. Schedule a time for you to sit down and have a break and a meal during the event, especially if it’s a long time. This is a great time to enjoy music played by the band or the DJ.

Work this into the schedule so that it’s not a surprise. You don’t need to be present for every part of the event and you’ll be more fresh if you take a break. 

6. Avoid Making Fun of the Bride

Many MCs want to poke a little fun at the bride, but make sure you treat lightly if you decide to do this. Talk to the bride and groom ahead of time to see if the bride will mind your doing this. If she will, don’t do it at all. If she has a good sense of humour, you can do this but avoid any humour that isn’t super lighthearted. In general though, avoid falling into this habit as it easily backfires. 

7. Keep the Wedding MC Script PG rated

You may have some fun jokes and comments to share throughout the event but remember that most weddings have a range of ages and styles. While the bride and groom may be more open, their grandparents may not be.
Be sensitive to all parties involved in the wedding and keep the humour PG rated. (And by PG I really mean M15+) 

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to have a great wedding and be popular with the happy couple as well as their guests. 

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Wedding MC Script

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