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How to Write a Great Wedding MC Introduction Speech

Writing A Great Wedding MC Introduction Speech

If someone has asked you to be the Wedding MC at their reception, then you may be feeling a little nervous about the role. Even the most confident person may find themselves at a loss when standing in front of a room full of strangers, or even worse – your close friends and family.

If you’re not sure of what to do, we’ve broken down the basic components of being a wedding MC and preparing your introduction at the reception. Keep in mind that you may have to adjust this list slightly depending on the couple’s wishes but these are the primary parts that will be included.

Prepare for The Big Entry

The wedding MC’s duties typically begin after the guests are seated and after the cocktail hour, if this has been included on the run sheet. You’ll want to first make sure that the bridal party and the couple are ready to enter the reception area.

Have them stand up and line up in the order of entry and double check your list to make sure that you have each person’s name correct and you know how to pronounce them. Use notecards and write down pronunciations if needed.

The couples will typically dance into the reception and continue dancing (preferably on the dance floor) until the newlyweds have been introduced to a standing ovation, entered, and taken their seat at the head table. So let the wedding party this is going to happen before you announce them.

How To Write A Great Wedding MC Intro Speech

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Introduce the Newlyweds into the Reception with a Wedding MC Introduction Speech

Let the DJ know that it’s time to go and step up to the plate! Ask for everyone’s attention then ask them to start cheering for each couple. Name each couple separately and space out the names to allow them to enter the room.

The end of the bridal party should be the best man and the maid of honour. Finally, introduce the happy couple and allow them plenty of time to walk into the room as the applause at this part should likely be the loudest. The wedding party will then make their way to their chairs and allow them to settle before you start your introduction speech.

Give the Wedding MC Introduction Speech

Although speeches are going to vary from person to person, you’ll have some of the same components for every speech. Start by thanking everyone for being present. Have the couple kiss and allow for cheering.

Wedding MC Introduction Speech and Housekeeping

After you’ve put the attention on the stars of the event, introduce yourself and state how you know the couple. Welcome people to the event and then take care of a few housekeeping items. This may not be intuitive for everyone so it’s a good idea to point out the bathrooms, exits, and any safety information. There may also be requirements by the venue so point these out as needed.

Reception MC Shoutouts

You can then give a shout out for any notable people who are attending but aren’t a part of the wedding party. This list of people should be included by the couple before the wedding. They usually include the grandparents, parents, siblings, and sometimes special friend groups who may be seated at different tables. Don’t spend too much time but make sure that they are pointed out as being special to the day.

Brief Relationship Recap

Finally, you’ll give a short recap of the couple’s events that have led everyone there tonight. This can be a brief overview of how they met and what their romance blossomed until they decided to make the decision to marry. Don’t spend too long on this as it can drag out the evening. Maybe 3 key moments, that’s it!

Introduce The First Speaker

Thank everyone once again and then introduce the first speaker. For the speakers, you should have a list of people who are going to be giving speeches and their order as well. Some people may want to give impromptu speeches.

Be prepared for this and only allow those designated people to actually have the microphone, unless the couple have approved it. Try and break up the speeches throughout the night so people can chat, drink and eat in between.


How To MC a Wedding

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