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Post Marriage Name Change Guide Canada

Changing your name after getting married can be an exciting milestone in your new life together. However, navigating the legal name change process can also be confusing and stressful. This comprehensive post marriage name change guide for Canada will walk you through everything you need to know to update your last name.

So, if you’re a recent newlywed wondering what’s involved in altering your last name after saying “I do,” read on for your complete Canadian name change handbook.

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What Are My Post Marriage Name Change Options in Canada?

Choosing your ideal new surname is one of the key parts of updating your identity after tying the knot. As a newly married Canadian, you have several options to consider:

Take Your Spouse’s Last Name

Opting to legally change your name to adopt your partner’s family name is still the most traditional choice for brides and grooms after marriage. Going from “Mary Anderson” to “Mary Smith” signals your new union to others. It’s a symbolic fresh start.

Hyphenate Both Surnames

If you want elements of both your maiden name and married name, hyphenation allows you to combine them into a double-barreled surname. For example, newlyweds Mary Anderson and John Smith could become “Mary Anderson-Smith” and “John Smith-Anderson” together.

Move Maiden Name to Middle

Another way to blend surnames is to shift your middle name into a second middle name slot and replace your old last name with your spouse’s. So “Mary Elizabeth Anderson” could become “Mary Elizabeth Anderson Smith”.

Keep Your Birth Surname

In recent years, it’s become more common for modern brides to forego traditional name conventions and simply keep the last name they’ve always had. Maintaining their identity, social media handles, and professional credentials for consistency.

The newly married Ms. Anderson has complete freedom to remain just that in Canada – no name change required if she doesn’t wish.

Do I Have to Change Your Name Post Marriage in Canada?

No, you do not have to change your name after getting 

married in Canada. While taking your spouse’s surname used to be standard practice for a bride after her wedding day, times are changing.

In Canada and other progressive countries, preserving your identity and independence is commonplace. Around 16% of Canadians choose to keep their birth name after their nuptials.

So, as a Canadian, you can keep your unmarried name or pass your maiden name on to your children. It is legally your choice.

How Much Does a Post Marriage Name Change Cost in Canada?

The official fees for legally changing your last name via marriage in Canada will vary slightly by province, but on average, you’re looking at around CAD $130 to $160 for administration costs.

Here is a quick breakdown of estimated post marriage name change fees by province:

  • Alberta: $141
  • British Columbia: $136
  • Manitoba: $120
  • New Brunswick: $158
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: $158
  • Northwest Territories: $150
  • Nova Scotia: $158
  • Nunavut: $100
  • Ontario: $158
  • Prince Edward Island: $110
  • Quebec: $144
  • Saskatchewan: $115
  • Yukon: $100

As you can see, most provinces charge between $120 and $160 to officially register a new surname after marriage.

On top of the provincial fees, you may choose to use a name change service to support with the administration & paperwork of the process. Popular options like charge around $79 to handle the forms & filings for you to get a stress-free post wedding name change

Steps for a Post Marriage Name Change in Canada

Here are the usual steps to  Change Your Last Name – Service Ontario as a new bride or groom:

  1. Obtain your marriage certificate – Once officially married, request several copies of your marriage certificate from Vital Statistics. This confirms your name election and is needed for ID changes.
  2. Notify federal agencies – File your marriage certificate with government departments like Canada Revenue Agency, Immigration Canada, and Passport Canada to update your records centrally.
  3. Change SIN information – Visit Service Canada to update your SIN record with your new surname after marriage. Bring your ID and your marriage certificate.
  4. Change provincial ID – Update photo ID like your driving license and health care card at provincial offices like ServiceOntario.
  5. Change vehicle registration – If you own a car, boat, or trailer, notify your provincial transport authority of your new married name for vehicle ownership papers.
  6. Notify financial institutions – Banks, insurers, lenders, etc, will all need to be informed of your post wedding name change. Provide your marriage cert as evidence.
  7. Update private accounts – Finally, advise any other personal accounts, e.g., phone, utilities, subscriptions of your name change after sending government notices first.

As you can see, it’s a lengthy list of contacts to inform when you change your family name after marriage. Using Easily Change Your Name After Marriage in Canada. Here, they can take care of steps 2-5 for you and provide customized templates to notify all required parties.

Easy Post Marriage Name Change CA is a popular service assisting thousands of Canadian newlyweds each year with their post marriage name change process.

They provide customized document preparation, so you have all the forms, letters, and evidence needed to notify every government agency and private company of your new married name.

Easy Name Change helps with all identity changes after marriage, including passports, SINs, driving licenses, health cards, vehicle registration, CRA records, insurance, banks, etc. They also include access to customer service 7 days a week, for any questions along the way.

Overall, manages the administrative headache of your post marriage name change so you can focus on enjoying married life! Brides and grooms across Canada have used their convenient DIY filing services since 2007.

Post Marriage Name Change Checklist

If thinking through each business and agency requiring newlywed name change notifications seems overwhelming, consider using Easy Name Change to handle the heavy lifting discreetly online. Thorough experts track down each entity and furnish legally valid documents so companies can promptly swap your credentials for reasonable fee relief from paperwork hassles and  More From Experian.

Ongoing Post Marriage Name Change Checklist Upkeep

Refrain from assuming updating your Social Security card, driver’s license, and passport means you’re 100% finished with marriage name change obligations as a newlywed. Continue monitoring mail, accounts, and memberships, tapping maiden name data for anything missed needing modification to current spouse surname credentials.

Frequently Missed Account Name Change Updates:   

  • Online Shopping Profiles   
  • Property Ownership or Rental Records  
  • Investment Platform Accounts 
  • Insurance Documentation   
  • Government Taxation Identities   
  • Professional Certifications or Licenses  
  • Company Work Credentials   
  • Vehicle Ownership Papers  
  • Passport for Minor Children  
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estate Plans   

These accounts often rely on Social Security number connections. So, although some organizations eventually notice an updated national identity name change, don’t risk assets or rights lingering under incorrect m

How Long Do I Have to Change My Name After Marriage?

Here is a handy checklist of all the contacts you’ll need to notify when updating your last name after marriage:

Government Identity & Benefits

  •  Passport
  •  Provincial Services – Health Card, Drivers License
  •  Social Insurance Number
  •  Canada Revenue Agency
  •  Elections Canada
  •  Veterans Affairs Canada

Financial Contacts

  •  Bank Accounts
  •  Credit Cards
  •  Loan Accounts – Mortgage, Car Loan, Student Loan
  •  Investment Accounts
  •  Insurance Policies – Health, Life, Home & Auto

Utilities & Other Accounts

  •  Cell Phone Provider
  •  Hydro/Gas/Water Accounts
  •  Cable & Internet Accounts
  •  Magazine Subscriptions
  •  Professional Memberships & Certifications
  •  Vehicle Ownership & Registration
  •  Health Providers – Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist
  •  Loyalty Programs – Air Miles, Optimum, PC Points

Is There a Deadline for a Post Marriage Name Change?

Good news – Canada has no firmly enforced deadlines for completing a post marriage name change. The choice comes down to personal timeline preference.

Most married couples reasonably file the name switch paperwork within 12 months after the wedding festivities. But technically you can submit applications years later without penalty.

Why not take your time weighing options? There is no need to feel rushed into an immediate name purge unless you strongly oppose your existing moniker.

Just be warned that leaving it too long (5-10 years) makes life trickier to validate name inconsistencies between current ID versus financial records established under the maiden name.

I generally recommend that the newlyweds bank, on the excitement of a new chapter, file name switch forms within the first 1-2 years maximum. This minimizes future red tape when your nostalgic memory of the honeymoon phase fades over time.


We hope this guide has helped explain the key steps, timelines, options, and costs when planning your post marriage name change in Canada.

The process can seem overwhelming, but it takes 1-3 months to complete all notices on average. Using a specialized service like Easily Change Your Name After Marriage in Canada Here can make the administration headache much smoother. Within a few months from your wedding date, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your beautiful new name after marriage across all your identification, financial accounts, and records.

Post Marriage Name Change Guide Canada

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