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How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony with Children

Including Kids in a wedding ceremony can be a beautiful way to blend families and make the day extra special for the couple. Let’s explore How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony with Children. As an officiant, it is important to have a Wedding Ceremony Program Order. This will show you how to involve kids in the wedding so they feel smoothly included. There are many creative roles and ideas to make children an important part of the ceremony.

How Do You Involve Children in a Wedding Ceremony as an Officiant?

As the officiant, you will work closely with the couple to determine how they want a wedding ceremony with children. Here are some ideas for kids in wedding ceremony:

  • Discuss options with the couple early in the planning process. Find out how many kids will be involved, their ages, and personalities.
  • Suggest appropriate roles based on the kids’ ages and comfort levels. Some may want speaking parts, while others prefer walking down the aisle.
  • For very young children, keep their role simple. Having mom or dad escort them is helpful. Older kids can handle more responsibility.
  • Inform parents of rehearsal time and location. It is key that children attend the rehearsal so they feel prepared.
  • On the wedding day, check in with the children and parents to put them at ease. Offer encouragement and direction so they know what to expect.

Planning helps create a meaningful way for children to participate without being too overwhelmed. Their involvement adds a special touch to the ceremony.

wedding ceremony with children

Roles Children Can Play in the Wedding Ceremony

Depending on their age and abilities, here are some of the common roles children can have in a wedding:

Flower Girl, Flower Boy and Ring Bearer

The flower girl and ring bearer walk down the aisle before the bride. This is an excellent role for kids at weddings around 3–8 years old. An older sibling, relative, or parent can walk with them for support and comfort. 

Junior Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Older children love the idea of being in the wedding party. Junior bridesmaids and groomsmen (ages 8-16) are dressed similarly to the wedding party. They walk down the aisle, couple by couple, before the maid of honor and best man.


For confident children and teens, Readings During a Wedding Ceremony adds a meaningful touch. They can read a poem or excerpt that expresses the couple’s relationship. I help them practice their part ahead so they feel poised and prepared.

Presenting Family Candle/Unity Rituals

Children can present a candle or item during family unity rituals, such as the couple lighting a candle together to symbolize joining families. Kids feel pride in taking part in representing their new family.

Ring Bearer, Bouquet Holders

Instead of a flower girl, creative alternatives include having children carry framed photos of the parents or wedding rings on a pillow. Older kids can hold bouquets and arrangements during the ceremony as well.

Seating Grandparents

Being an usher makes it easy for kids to be involved in the processional. They can seat grandparents and other honored relatives. It gives them an important role without pressure or stage fright.

Including kids in a wedding ceremony as officiant requires some planning and coordination. But the effort is well worth the joy it brings the kids and families. They will treasure the memories forever.

Including Children in the Processional as Officiant

The processional is an opportunity for the officiant to include a wedding ceremony with children in a meaningful way. Here are some keys for a smooth processional with children:

  • Clear Order of Events – Provide the wedding coordinator and parents with a list detailing the processional order, with children’s roles indicated.
  • Arrange Lineup – Ensure children know where to line up with their escorts before processing in.
  • Time Cues – At the rehearsal, give parents and children cues on when to start walking. Coordinate with musicians.
  • Keep Moving – Cue kids forward if they slow down or stop on the aisle. Preventing long gaps in the processional flow is key.
  • Exit Route – Show children where to exit the ceremony area to take their seats after processing in.
  • Smiles and Waves – Give kids a warm grin and wave as they walk past you to help them relax. Offer praise discreetly after they complete their role.

Involving children in a wedding ceremony for the processional takes coordination but is very rewarding. The symbolism of their presence will melt guests’ hearts!

including kids in a wedding ceremony

Including Children in the Ceremony as Officiant

In my experience as an officiant, kids at weddings often have a role beyond the processional. Creative ways to include kids throughout the ceremony include:

In the Personal Vows

The couple can include a statement to the children, promising to honor and care for them. Children also love repeating vows where they pledge to be a good family. This gesture warms all guests’ hearts.

In the Ring Exchange

Children can hand the couple’s rings to them on a special pillow. Or the newlyweds can place rings on the kids’ fingers to symbolize their new family. This is a great photo opportunity, too!

In the Announcement

After the pronouncement, I can announce, “For the first time as a family, Mr. and Mrs…. !” The couple and kids turn to face guests with beaming smiles. A memorable moment!

In the Certificate Signing

Children enjoy signing the certificate as witnesses or honorary witnesses. Some couples display the signed certificate prominently in their home as a reminder.

In Family Unity Rituals

Children present or participate in lighting candles or pouring colored sand to represent the new blended family. This symbolism is especially poignant.

Involving children throughout the ceremony with these memorable moments adds special significance for everyone.

Including Children in the Recessional as Officiant - Wedding ceremony with Children

To give children a role even after the ceremony ends, include them in the recessional as officiants.

Some ideas are:

  • Escort grandparents and honored relatives out of the ceremony first, followed by the wedding party.
  • Walk down the aisle as a family after the bride and groom. Kids beam, waving to guests behind the happily married couple.
  • Be the last to walk out to conclude the recessional. Guests cheer as you exit with smiling kids by your side.
  • Incorporate bubble or sparkler send-offs. The kids love making bubbles or holding sparklers!

The recessional offers a final opportunity to involve kids and make memories. Whether walking together, waving, or blowing bubbles, a wedding ceremony with children adds joyous spirit to the start of the couple’s new union!

Wedding Ideas for the Blended Family

A wedding ceremony with children is significant for blended families. Here are some special ways for kids to be part of celebrating their parents’ marriage:

  • Family Medallion Ceremony – Children hold medallions with symbols representing their new family. The parents take turns attaching the medallions together on a larger frame with their own medallion in the center.
  • Unity Sand Ceremony– Instead of the couple pouring sand, have the kids and parents each pour differently colored layers of sand into one vase, representing the new blended family.
  • Family Vows – Have the couple exchange vows to love and honor each other’s children as their own. The children can also make promises to be a good family.
  • Family Portraits – Display portraits of the couple with their children during the ceremony to symbolize the kids’ importance on this day.
  • Cultural Traditions – Incorporate cultural wedding traditions important to the children’s heritage, such as arras coins, leis, or kukui nuts. Teach kids their meaning.

Blending a family is a process, but a wedding ceremony with children offers a chance for a meaningful new beginning. Including children in poignant ways like these helps them feel the significance of their parents’ marriage.

There are so many options for involving kids creatively in a wedding ceremony as an officiant. With thoughtful planning and coordination, their participation enhances the occasion considerably and incorporating some Dog in Wedding Ideas can be great, too. The children and the entire family will treasure the memories made forever.

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Wedding Ceremony with Children

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