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How To Start a Wedding Ceremony: Pre-Ceremony Announcements

Imagine a friend has approached you to become the officiant in an upcoming wedding. You start scoping out sample wedding materials to find interesting jargons and information that will make the ceremony memorable. After in-depth research on how to become the best officiant, you find several scripts that seem to resonate with the wedding. However, one area appears to be giving you goosebumps; how to start the wedding ceremony and make pre-ceremony announcements.
Whether you are a professional officiant or just an acquaintance or a friend to the couple that’s getting married, starting the wedding ceremony can be daunting. However, you don’t have to worry; this article will help you understand how to start a wedding ceremony and the list of things to include in wedding announcements.

Who Should Make the Wedding Announcements?

Essentially, different people can make wedding announcements based on when they are made. The wedding ceremony officiant usually makes housekeeping announcements before the couple head down the aisle. However, announcements during the reception can be made by the master of ceremony (MC) or DJ. Now that we know about the start of wedding ceremony announcements, let’s look at some officiant announcements that should be made during a wedding ceremony

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Top 8 Tips for Start of Wedding Announcements

Below are some critical officiant announcements to include in your wedding ceremony. These announcements are usually made before the start of the ceremony before the couple walks into the room.

· Smile and Introduce Yourself as the Wedding Officiant

Don’t go straight to the wedding announcement without creating rapport with the audience. One way to get people’s attention and signal that the ceremony is about to start is to smile and introduce yourself in front of the crowd.
For instance, you can say, “Hello, friends and family, my name is Cosby, and I’ll officiate Newton and Anna’s ceremony today.“

· Welcome the Guests on Behalf of the Couple

Still not sure how to start a wedding ceremony after introducing yourself? Make humorous remarks on the microphone to ensure everyone hears you through the PA system. Then go ahead and welcome all guests to the ceremony on behalf of the couple. Ask the guests to find seats and stay calm until the bride and groom walk down the aisle.
Example: “Hello, I hope no one hears me! I take this moment to welcome you to this fantastic event. Please take your seats and keep quiet as we await the bride and groom to make an entrance.“
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· Remind Guests to Turn Their Phones to Silent

Remind the guests to keep their phones on silent mode or switch them off until the ceremony ends. Nobody wants to cut short the vows with the screeching sound of a bizarre ringtone.
Example: “To ensure that all the love attention and love is directed to the couple and avoid unnecessary distractions, we ask you to switch off or put your phones on silent mode.“

· Inform the Guests About the Photo Policy

There’s no doubt that cell phones have turned all of us into amateur videographers and photographers. It’s your duty as a wedding officiant to politely remind guests that they should keep their phones in their pockets. However, find an interesting and polite way to pass this message. You don’t want to come out as rude or make the couple look bad! The secret is to wrap your statement with humor and a sincere smile. Remind the guests that there will be plenty of time to take selfies and photos at the reception.
You can say something like: “Dearly beloved! We know that you want to give the two lovebirds red carpet treatment. But to shun paparazzi vibes at the ceremony, we ask you to tuck your phones away and let professional photographers and videographers do their job.“

· Let the Couple be First to Post Wedding Photos on Social Media

Another vital start of the wedding announcement you must convey is to let the married couple post photos on social media first. Let the audience understand what is expected of them once they take snaps of the bride and bridegroom. Even if this was meticulously detailed on the wedding invitation and website, mentioning it in officiant announcements is crucial.
For example: “We know you have snapped some fascinating photos of the couple, and you can’t wait to let others see them. However, we ask you to allow this couple to post their wedding photos before anyone else.”
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· Don’t Forget to Tell the Guests Where to Get Petals to Throw at the Signing Part of the Ceremony

Although such announcements are available on the invitation cards, reminding guests of the next item in the schedule is crucial.
Example: “Newton and Ann look forward to a colorful wedding. So, we ask you to get petals or bubbles at the entrance so that you can throw them into the air during the signing part of the ceremony.“

· Remind Guests About the #Hashtag of the Day

If there’s something else that guests need to know, this is the last chance to inform them. This is an excellent time to remind people about the # hashtag of the day.
For example: “Hello, friends and family! Don’t forget today’s #hashtag is #Ann weds Newton. Keep commenting and sharing the #hashtag to make this ceremony go viral.”

· Ask the Guests to Stand as the Bride and Groom make a Grand Entrance

Once the officiant completes the pre-ceremony announcements, it’s time to present the couple to the guests. To make the couple feel appreciated and get that red carpet treatment, the officiant should ask guests to stand and make noise as the couple majestically walks down the aisle.
Example: “The couple has requested everyone to have fun and make a lot of noise. So, as they walk into the room, we ask everyone to stand up and make joyful noises to help celebrate this union.”
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Do you know how to start a wedding ceremony? This article has provided a few ideas on how to go about it. The secret is to begin with officiant announcements and make them humorous and engaging. Remember to maintain a sincere and cheerful smile, make a casual introduction, communicate the photo policy, remind the guests to switch off their phones and inform them of the day’s various events.
Although we have discussed eight tips to help you deliver the start of the wedding announcements, you don’t have to use all of them. Conversely, you can add others depending on the nature of your wedding ceremony.

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