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How to Perform the Wedding MC Speech at a Reception

As a wedding mc, one of your most important tasks is delivering a smooth, engaging, and memorable wedding mc speech at a reception. The MC’s speech sets the tone for the rest of the celebration and keeps the reception events flowing smoothly. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about performing the perfect MC speech, from preparation to expert delivery.

What is the Wedding MC Speech at a Reception?

The master of ceremonies gives the wedding MC speech – typically someone chosen by the couple – and occurs early in the wedding reception, right after the couple is introduced.

The main purpose of the MC speech is to welcome guests, provide key information, and set expectations for how the reception will flow. This includes highlighting and building excitement for important events like the first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, toasts, bouquet toss, garter removal, and more.

The MC speech also serves to introduce, recognize, and thank members of the wedding party and immediate family. Special mentions of close friends and traveled guests are also common.

Additionally, a good MC will use the speech to thank key vendors and service providers who helped make the day possible. This includes photographers, videographers, DJs, caterers, wedding planners, transportation providers and more.

Finally, the speech should set a celebratory, upbeat tone and atmosphere for the reception. The MC speech sets the vibe and pace for the whole event, so it should be lively, personable, humorous, and heartfelt.

wedding mc speech

Why the Wedding MC Speech is Crucial

As you can see, the MC’s speech plays a critical role in kicking off the reception successfully. It provides key information guests need to know to enjoy themselves at the wedding fully. The speech also formally transitions the reception from cocktails to dinner and dancing.

Without the MC’s proper welcome and introduction, guests would be confused about what’s happening next and who the key people are. Vendors would also not receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

So, while brief, the MC speech essentially “sets the stage” for the rest of the celebration and prevents disorder and confusion. Delivering this speech professionally and flawlessly is a key part of succeeding as a wedding MC.

When is the Wedding MC Speech Given at the Reception?

The wedding MC speech is one of the very first items on the reception agenda. Here is a typical order of events:

  • Guests arrive for cocktail hour
  • A wedding party is announced at the reception
  • The bride and groom are announced at the reception
  • The wedding mc gives a welcome speech
  • The couple has the first dance
  • Parent dances and special dances
  • Dinner is served
  • Toasts from the bridal party, family, friends
  • Couple cuts cake
  • Bouquet and garter toss (sometimes)
  • Open dancing and other reception events

So, as you can see, the MC’s speech kicks off the reception shortly after the couple enters. It precedes the first dances and dinner service.

Check out this How to Emcee a Wedding guide for a detailed reception timeline and emcee tips.

What Should You Say During the Wedding MC Speech?

While the exact wedding MC speech will vary based on the couple’s wishes and your flair, here are some key elements to include:

Welcome and Opening Comments

  • Greet guests enthusiastically and welcome them to the wedding
  • Thank them sincerely for being there to celebrate the couple’s big day
  • Recognize any special guests who have traveled far or mean a lot to the couple
  • Thank the couple, by name, for inviting you to emcee their wedding
  • Get guests excited for the celebration ahead!

Housekeeping and Event Flow Details

Inform guests of reception details like:

  • Location of restrooms
  • Bar details
  • Dietary restrictions menu cards
  • Coat check area
  • Transportation plan
  • No smoking policy
  • Other venue rules and policies

Provide an overview of the reception timeline and flow of events. Highlight key moments coming up that you want guests to anticipate.

Formally Introduce the Wedding Party

  • Announce and introduce the wedding party members by name as they enter the reception. Share their relationship with the couple.
  • Recognize immediate family members – the couple’s parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.
  • Share any special honors or roles family members had in the wedding, like in the processional.

Highlight Upcoming Important Events and Dances

  • Build energy and anticipation for the couple’s first dance shortly after your speech.
  • Mention any parent dances, anniversary dances, or special cultural dances taking place.
  • Remind guests to remain in their seats for toasts coming up after dinner.
  • Note any fun late-night activities like the bouquet or garter toss.

Thank Vendors, Venues, and Service Providers

Recognize and thank vital vendors and service providers by name. These may include:

  • Caterer
  • Bar service
  • DJ/Band
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Florist
  • Baker
  • Wedding planner
  • Transportation provider
  • Venue staff
  • And more!

Compliment their stellar work makes the wedding day memorable and flawless for the couple.

Well Wishes for the Couple

  • Close out the speech with heartfelt good wishes and congratulations for the newlyweds and their future together.
  • Thank guests sincerely for being there to witness and celebrate the couple’s love and new union

How to Write an Excellent Wedding MC Speech

Writing a lively, flawless, and memorable MC speech takes effort and planning. Here are some Tips on Writing Your Wedding Speech:

Get Input from the Couple

  • Ask how they’d like you to approach the speech and specific events or people they want to be highlighted or thanked.
  • Incorporate any special wedding details they request you to mention.
  • Honor any formal traditions important to their families.
  • Discuss the tone they want you to set – funny, romantic, formal, etc.

Use Humor and Personal Touches

  • Add tasteful humor whenever possible – funny stories about the couple, light-hearted jokes, or amusing anecdotes to liven up the speech.
  • Share endearing, positive remarks about the couple’s relationship and personalities.
  • But avoid inside jokes or overly personal stories guests may not understand.

Keep it Brief

  • Your speech should be 5-7 minutes maximum.
  • Guests will quickly lose interest in a long, rambling speech.
  • Touch briefly on key highlights vs. giving lengthy remarks.

Write Out the Full Wedding MC Speech

  • Even if you’ll memorize parts, write out the entire speech to perfect your wording.
  • Read it aloud multiple times to refine the language.
  • Time your speech with a stopwatch.

Practice Frequently

  • Practice your speech frequently, especially in the days leading up to the wedding.
  • If possible, practice at the reception venue to get comfortable with the space.
  • Work on smooth delivery without reading straight from your notes.

Time it Perfectly

  • Use a stopwatch to keep within your 5-7 minute target.
  • But allow some extra time for laughter, applause, or delays.
  • Better to be slightly under than over time.
how to perform a wedding mc speech ata areception

How to Deliver a Polished, Lively Wedding MC Speech

With a well-written speech in hand, the actual delivery is next. Here are tips for executing a flawless MC speech:

Use a Microphone

  • Work with the DJ or coordinator to prepare a handheld or lapel mic.
  • Ensure the mic is turned on and properly positioned before starting your speech!

Speak Slowly and Clearly

  • Adrenaline can speed up your talking, so consciously speak s-l-o-w-l-y.
  • Enunciate each word fully and clearly.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

  • Scan the room and make eye contact with various guests as you speak.
  • Smile warmly and speak conversationally, not formally.

Use Body Language and Movement

  • Use natural hand gestures and body movements. Avoid rigidity.
  • Step away from the mic for laughs and applause, then return to it.

Project Enthusiasm

  • You set the tone for the event, so project contagious excitement and passion.
  • This energizes guests and gets them ready to celebrate.

Pause for Reactions in your Wedding MC Speech

  • After sharing a funny story or introducing the couple, pause briefly for laughs, cheers, and applause from guests.

Be Flexible

  • Roll with any unexpected delays or timing issues smoothly.
  • If you blank on a name or detail, improvise and move on.

Have Fun!

  • This is a joyous occasion, so let your humor and charm shine through.
  • Smile, personalize remarks, and share your positive energy.

If you prepare thoroughly and rehearse effectively, your delivery will come across as polished, professional, and effortless. For step-by-step guidance, check out our Master of Ceremonies Wedding Script. You got this!

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