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How to Perform the Ring Exchange Script

As an officiant performing wedding ceremonies, one of the most important and meaningful parts of the ceremony you will facilitate is the ring exchange script. This is the time when the couple exchanges wedding rings and makes vows to honor their commitment. Learning how to orchestrate the ring ceremony portion of the wedding smoothly is an essential skill for officiants. Here are some tips on How to Officiate a Ceremony As Officiant

What is a Ring Ceremony at a Wedding?

The ring ceremony is the time during a wedding ceremony when the couple exchanges rings. This is a longstanding tradition dating back thousands of years across many cultures. The rings symbolize the vows and commitment between the couple on their wedding day.

Some key points about the wedding ring exchange script:

  • It usually comes after the personal vows.
  • The officiant guides the couple through the ring exchange.
  • Each partner places a wedding band on the other’s finger.
  • The couple may exchange personalized vows about the meaning of the rings.
  • Rings are traditionally worn on the left-hand ring finger.
  • These ritual seals the vows and symbolizes the marriage union.

As the officiant, you perform this meaningful event and ensure it goes smoothly.

What Do You Say During the Ring Ceremony? Ring Exchange Script

As the officiant, you will lead the couple through the ring exchange portion of the ceremony. This involves explaining the meaning of the rings and guiding them through exchanging the bands. You can Learn more about wedding legals here.

Here are some tips for what to say:

  • Introduce the rings and their significance as a lasting symbol of commitment and love. For example: “Wedding rings are an outward symbol of the internal bond created today in the lives of BRIDE and GROOM.”
  • Prompt the couple to exchange rings at the appropriate time. For example: “I invite you now to seal these vows by giving and receiving rings.”
  • Cue the placement of the ring, mentioning each partner by name. For example: “BRIDE, please take GROOM’s ring and place it on his left hand, repeating after me…”
  • State legal ring vows for each partner to repeat after you.
  • Pronounce them as married after the ring exchange if this has not occurred. For example: “Having pledged your vows and sealed your union, it is my privilege to pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss!”
  • Share a blessing over their marriage as represented by the rings. For example: “May these rings remind you always of the vows you have made here today.”

As the officiant, customize the wording to reflect the couple’s unique relationship and personalities. The key is guiding them through the ring exchange smoothly.

How to Do Rings at Wedding Ceremony?

Here are some logistical tips for orchestrating the ring exchange:

  • Discuss in advance how they will exchange rings. Will it be one at a time, simultaneously, passing to each other? Make sure your script matches.
  • Confirm they have the rings ahead of time and who will hold them during the ceremony. Often the best man and maid of honor.
  • When it’s time, invite the ring bearer(s) forward and have them hand the rings to the couple.
  • Mention each partner by name and cue them to place the ring on the other’s left finger while repeating vows.
  • Make sure to allow time for putting on the ring comfortably.
  • A ring box, pillow, or tray can help smooth the exchange.
  • As a backup, be prepared to hold spare rings in case one is dropped or lost.

Planning the logistics and timing of the ring ceremony carefully allows you to focus on facilitating a meaningful moment.

What Order Does the Ring Ceremony Go in?

A typical wedding ceremony order is:

  1. Processional
  2. Welcome & Introduction
  3. Readings
  4. Vows
  5. Ring exchange
  6. Pronouncement & kiss
  7. Recessional

The ring exchange generally comes after the couple recites their vows to one another. However, some couples choose to blend the vows and rings together. Others may do a ring warming where guests hold the rings during the ceremony before the official exchange.

Work with the couple to determine the ideal flow for their ceremony. The ring ceremony is often followed by pronouncing the couple officially married. But the order can be tailored to create a meaningful ceremony.

ring exchange ceremony

What Should the Officiant Say About the Rings? Ring Exchange Script

When introducing the ring ceremony, explain the meaning and symbolism of the rings. Share why this tradition is important to honor their commitment. Some things you can say:

  • Rings are a circle, representing never-ending love.
  • Rings worn daily symbolize the constant presence of their spouse, even when apart.
  • The unbroken circle reflects their unbroken vows and bond.
  • The precious metal and stones mirror their marriage, being a precious treasure.
  • Place the ring on the “ring finger” heart-hand, closest to the heart.
  • Customize to reflect elements like family heirloom rings, ring warming, and infinity knots.
  • Invite them to exchange personalized vows as they place the ring.

Explaining the deeper meaning elevates the ring exchange beyond an expected wedding tradition. Make it unique to the couple.

Ring Ceremony Script

Here is an example ring exchange script you can use or adapt for ceremonies:

“The wedding ring is an unbroken circle, symbolizing love and faithfulness. GROOM and BRIDE have chosen to seal their vows by exchanging rings.

Wedding rings remind us that love is precious, and as the rings have no beginning or end, love is eternal. May these rings you exchange symbolize your eternal love and commitment to one another.

BRIDE, please take GROOM’s ring and place it on his left-hand ring finger, repeating after me: With this ring, I give you my promise to honor you, to be faithful to you, and to share my love with you, all the days of our lives.”

(BRIDE repeats)

“GROOM, please take BRIDE’s ring and place it on her left-hand ring finger, repeating after me: With this ring, I give you my promise to honor you, to be faithful to you, and to share my love with you, all the days of our lives.”

(GROOM repeats)

“Having made your vows and exchanged rings, it is my honor to pronounce you husband and wife! You may seal your marriage with a kiss!”

This provides an example structure you can use as a starting point when crafting your unique ring exchange script. Adapt it to reflect the couple and add your flare as the officiant.

NOTE: In Australia, the legal wording is as follows;

I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, A.B. (or C.D.), take thee, C.D. (or A.B.), to be my lawful wedded wife (or husband, or spouse)


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Learning to perform the wedding ring exchange script is a vital officiant skill. During this poignant ceremony, the couple seals their vows by giving rings representing their everlasting commitment. As the officiant, you make this portion meaningful and free of logistical errors.

Discuss ring plans with the couple. Craft a personalized script explaining the symbolism of the rings. Share vow prompts and exchange the rings intentionally. When done thoughtfully, this ceremony highlight creates lasting memories and sets their marriage on a solid symbolic foundation.

If you need help drafting or improving your ring exchange script, consider Ceremony Writing Done For You. Their team of professional officiants can provide customized scripts to make all your ceremonies unforgettable.

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Ring Exchange Script

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