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first dance introduction as mc

How to Perform the First Dance Introduction as MC

As a professional wedding celebrant and MC, one of your most important jobs is the bride and groom’s first dance introduction as MC. The first dance is a reception highlight and a special moment for the newlyweds after you Perform the Cake Cut as Wedding MC

As the master of ceremonies, you set the tone and create the right mood for their first dance together as husband and wife. Here is everything needed to flawlessly MC the couple’s symbolic first dance.

What is the First Dance at a Wedding?

The first dance is a traditional wedding ritual when the newly married couple shares their first dance alone on the dance floor. It is a symbolic tradition representing their first dance together, embarking on their new journey as a married couple.

For many couples, the first dance is the wedding reception’s most anticipated and romantic part. They spend time picking out the perfect love song and choreographing their dance.

The first dance provides a quiet (or not so quiet) moment for the newlyweds to connect intimately. All eyes are on them as they glide or awkwardly Waltz across the dance floor, which is a very special memory.

When is the First Dance at a Wedding?

first dance introduction as mc

The typical timeline for the first dances is immediately after the couple cut the cake, or their joint speech. The MC will invite the bride and groom to the dance floor to share their first dance.

Some couples may have their first dance earlier, following their grand entrance or before guests are seated for the meal. But usually, it is scheduled after dinner when guests.

As the MC, check the couple’s timeline so you are prepared to introduce the first dance at the right time, and be sure to have all the guests standing and encircling the dance floor, ready to join in.

What is the First Dance Introduction as MC?

The first dance introduction as MC formally announces the start of the bride and groom’s first dance. It lets guests know the moment’s significance and instructs them to direct their attention to the dance floor.

The introduction should create anticipation and set a romantic mood. Briefly explain that this symbolic tradition represents the couple’s first dance together as husband and wife.

You may choose to mention details about their love story or the significance of their chosen song. Ultimately, your job is to give a meaningful, heartfelt introduction that makes the moment feel special.

When is the First Dance Introduction as MC?

The first dance introduction as MC will happen directly before the first dance starts once the dance floor is cleared and ready. Encourage guests to stand around the dance floor.

Then, invite the bride and groom to the floor, give your introduction, invite applause and cheers, and let the music cue up. Time the introduction with the musicians or DJ so their song starts immediately after you hand it over to them.

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how to introduce bride and groom first dance

Who is Involved in the First Dance at a Wedding?

Typically, the first dance is a Wedding Tradition which begins with the newly married bride and groom dancing alone. They have the dance floor to themselves for the full duration of their chosen song, or until they would like guests to join.

After their first solo dance, it is common for the bride to dance with her father and the groom with his mother for a father-daughter and mother-son dance. I often like to do this before the couple’s first dance though.

Then, the rest of the wedding party and parents may join the dance floor before inviting all guests to dance.

As MC, you’ll introduce each new element in the first dance and transition smoothly between stages.

Best Running Order:
1. Father – Daughter
2. Couple
3. Half way through song invite Parents
4. Invite Wedding Party
5. Invite everyone
6. Energetic Song 2 plays and kicks off the dance floor!

Father-Daughter Dance: How to Introduce the First Wedding Dance

Before the bride and groom complete their solo first dance, introduce the traditional father-daughter dance:

“Now Anna would like to share a special dance with her father. As Anna and her father Michael dance to {song name}, remember the special bond between father and daughter.”

Then, introduce the mother-son dance for the groom and his mother.

How to Perform the first dance introduction as mc

How to Introduce the First Dance at a Wedding.

Here is a sample script to introduce the bride and groom’s first dance as MC:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for Anna and Jacob’s first dance as husband and wife. As they take their first dance together, we ask that you join us in surrounding them with your love and warmth as they start their new journey together as a married couple.”

“This evening, they have chosen to dance to {name of song}, as it holds special meaning in their relationship. So without further ado…”

“Bride and groom, family and friends, please welcome to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife… Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson!”

(Cue bride and groom, start the music, and let them take the floor for their solo first dance.)

{at the end of the first dance} “Let’s give another round of applause for the newlyweds’ beautiful first dance!”

This introduces the significance of the moment and their special song choice and invites guests’ attention before announcing the newlyweds to the floor. Keep it succinct but heartfelt.

Finally, invite the rest of the wedding party and the bride and groom’s parents to join the dance floor before opening it up to all guests.

How to Introduce Bride and Groom's First Dance - First Dance Introduction as MC

Here are some tips for delivering a flawless first dance introduction as MC:

  • Mention the couple by name – “Let’s welcome Anna and Jacob to the floor.” Use their names.
  • Explain the significance – This is their first dance as a married couple.
  • Share any special details – Is there meaning behind their song choice?
  • Invite applause and cheers – Get guests to celebrate the newlyweds.
  • Use a mic – So all guests can hear. Project your voice.
  • Time it perfectly – Introduce them just before the music cue so their dance starts right on time.
  • Hand it over to the couple – Keep the focus on the newlyweds, not on you. Quickly introduce, then give them their moment.

Wedding Party Joins

After the couples’ dance, invite the rest of the wedding party to join the bride and groom on the dance floor. Announce something like:

“Let’s welcome the entire bridal party to the dance floor to celebrate Anna and Jacob’s joyous union.”

This allows the couple to share dances with their nearest and dearest before all guests join.

Parents Join

Next, invite all parents and grandparents to join the dance floor too:

“And now we invite all parents, grandparents, and family members to join this celebration of love on the dance floor.”

This gives them special time with the newlyweds before opening the floor up.

Everyone Joins

Finally, invite all wedding guests to flood the dance floor:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the dance floor is now open. Let’s celebrate Anna and Jacob’s marriage!”

Open the music to livelier party songs and let the real celebrations begin!

First Dance Introduction as MC Script

Here is a full sample first dance introduction as MC script as MC:

“Family and friends, please welcome Anna and Jacob to the dance floor for their first dance as wife and husband!” {applause}

“Tonight they have chosen to dance to {song name} as it holds special meaning in their relationship.”

“Bride and groom, we invite you to take the floor for your first dance!” {start music}

{After the first dance ends} “Let’s give another round of applause for that beautiful first dance!” {applause}

“Now Anna will share a special father-daughter dance with her dad Michael.” {introduce father-daughter dance}

{After father-daughter dance} “Jacob will dance with his mother, Kelly.” {introduce mother-son dance}

{After parents’ dances} “Let’s welcome the full bridal party to the floor to join Anna and Jacob in celebration.” {bridal party joins}

“And now, all parents, grandparents, and family members, please join them!” {family joins}

“Ladies and gentlemen, the dance floor is open. Let’s celebrate the newlyweds!” {all guests join}

This provides a complete timeline for MCing the first dances, from the newlywed’s solo dance to opening the floor up for everyone.


As the MC, introducing the bride and groom’s symbolic first dance is one of your most important duties. Your first dance introduction as mc sets the tone for a heartfelt moment that will be a cherished memory for the couple.

Follow the typical order of the newlyweds’ solo dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, wedding party joining, then inviting all guests to celebrate on the dance floor with the bride and groom.

Create anticipation with your introduction, explain the significance, and make sure their song starts right on cue. Then, graciously hand the spotlight to the newlyweds to enjoy their first dance as husband and wife.

You can ensure this special moment goes off without a hitch with the right MC skills and a well-timed first dance introduction!

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First Dance Introduction as MC

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