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How to Perform a Bouquet Toss as MC

Learn how to perform a bouquet toss as MC in this article. The bouquet toss is one of the most iconic traditions at a wedding reception.

As the wedding MC, you will haver several master of ceremonies duties, it falls on your shoulders to turn this tradition into an engaging, lively event. You set the stage, build the anticipation, and get the crowd to participate. A well-executed bouquet toss can get the guests pumped up and create a connection for all the single ladies. Though some brides are doing away with this tradition, it remains a popular ritual for many.

When facilitated smoothly by a savvy wedding MC, the bouquet toss can be one of the reception’s highlights that gets guests involved and brings lots of laughs. This comprehensive guide explains how to perform a fun, memorable bouquet toss that wows the crowd. From timing to announcements to seamless execution, we’ll explore all the steps to making this tradition sing. The secrets to a successful bouquet toss start here!

What is the Bouquet Toss Tradition?

The bouquet toss tradition started centuries ago in England when wedding guests would try to obtain a bloom from the bride’s bouquet for good luck. Today, the bride tosses her bouquet over her shoulder to a group of unmarried female guests. Whoever catches it is believed to be the next to marry.

While the bouquet toss has evolved, it remains a popular and participatory wedding ritual. Your role as MC is to bring energy and order to this event.

perform a bouquet toss

Perform a Bouquet Toss: When Does the it Happen?

The bouquet toss typically occurs towards the end of the wedding reception, after all other main events have finished. Popular timing is after the cake cutting and before the last dance.

The toss signals that the reception is winding down and transitions the party toward the grand exit. Discuss timing with the bride and groom to find the right spot.

Is the Bouquet Toss Necessary?

The bouquet toss is completely optional. Some brides opt out of tossing for various reasons:

  • Don’t want to part with their bouquet
  • Find the traditional, outdated
  • Mostly married guests attend.
  • They may want to save time to go and enjoy their honeymoon
  • Some Brides do not wish to toss

As the MC, respect the couple’s wishes. There are plenty of other activities to fill the time if they skip it.

Perform a Bouquet Toss as MC Rules and Tips

To pull off a fun and orderly bouquet toss, keep these tips in mind:

  • Only single, female-identifying guests should participate. Make this clear when you announce the event.
  • Gather participants on the dance floor so the bride can toss from a short distance.
  • Count down from 3 to cue the big throw.
  • Remind catchers to be gentle and not scramble aggressively for the bouquet.
  • Keep the tone fun and lighthearted rather than pressuring or dramatic.
  • Consider having the bride toss the bouquet over her head from her chair if standing is difficult.
perform a bouquet toss

How to Announce the Bouquet Toss

Your MC’s announcements set the stage for success. Some sample wording:

“Can all the unmarried ladies join us on the dance floor for a special event? It’s time for Laura to toss her bouquet!”

“Single ladies, don’t miss your chance to catch Laura’s stunning bouquet! Let’s gather in the middle of the dance floor.”

“If you’re single and ready to mingle, now’s your moment! Laura is ready to toss her bouquet to the next bride-to-be!”

Bouquet Toss Script and Sequence

Follow this general sequence:

  1. Invite only single women to the dance floor. Ask others to clear space.
  2. Bring the bride to the toss spot with her bouquet.
  3. Build suspense by talking up the meaning of catching the bouquet.
  4. Do a playful countdown – “Ready? 3, 2, 1, Toss!”
  5. The bride turns her back and tosses the bouquet over her shoulder.
  6. Congratulate whoever catches it, and invite cheers from the crowd.
  7. Thank all the participants as they clear the floor.

What Bouquet Should Be Tossed?

perform a bouquet toss
  • Most brides use their real bridal bouquet for the toss. It’s okay if some blooms get crushed or lost.
  • Some order a separate tossing bouquet that is smaller and less expensive than their main one.
  • Avoid heavy or sharp bouquets that could injure someone when thrown.
  • Make sure the ribbons are tightly tied and will not cause a tripping hazard.

How to Perform a Bouquet Toss - Who Stands Up for the Toss?

Your announcements should make it clear that single women should take part. Typically, this includes:

  • Unmarried bridesmaids
  • Single female friends and relatives
  • Unmarried cousins, coworkers, etc.

Married and widowed women, teens under 16, uninterested participants, and men should step aside to observe. Gentle encouragement from the MC can encourage shyer guests to take part.

Does the Bouquet Toss Still Happen?

The bouquet toss remains popular today, with around 75% of brides incorporating it. But it has evolved:

  • Some brides opt for inclusive, mixed-gender tosses.
  • Tossing items like bouquets, wedding ties, or plush toys are used instead.

In the end, it is up to the bride. As MC, read the couple’s wishes and facilitate their chosen events.

Handling the Toss Successfully as MC

With good planning and announcements, you can create a memorable bouquet toss:

  • Consult the couple about their preferences weeks before the wedding.
  • Draw single female guests to participate with upbeat energy.
  • Keep the toss area clear of potential hazards and non-participating guests.
  • Build suspense, but don’t pressure anyone.
  • Keep the mood fun; it’s about sisterhood more than catching the bouquet.
  • Facilitate the toss smoothly, then transition to the next reception event.

With your guidance, the bouquet toss can be an uplifting reception highlight that guests will discuss for years.


Hosting a memorable bouquet toss is all about the details. Please consult with the bride and groom to understand their vision and customize the event accordingly. Scout the reception space ahead of time and select the ideal toss location. Use your most enthusiastic voice to rally excited single ladies to participate. Time the toss strategically within the reception schedule to keep the energy high.

Execute the toss seamlessly, from the bride’s poised stance to the ecstatic catcher displaying her prize. Adapt tradition in ways that feel right for the couple, whether an inclusive mixed-gender toss or having the bride pass her bouquet gently versus throwing. Your skill as MC transforms this ritual into a reception standout. When the lights dim on the dance floor, and the newlyweds slip away, they will remember the joy and sisterhood the bouquet toss brought to their celebration, thanks to you.

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