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How to Give a Wedding Speech

How To Give A Wedding Speech

You found it hard to relax during the ceremony, the lawn games are over, and you’ve been nursing mid-strength beers all night, now it’s time to give your wedding speech.

Fear not, these how to give a wedding speech tips will help you through.

Tips for how to give a Wedding Speech

1. Write and rehearse your speech prior to the Wedding

It sounds obvious but sometimes under pressure the mind just goes blank and you forget everything in your heart. Even the best “off the cuff” speeches are well rehearsed.

2. How long should a wedding speech be?

Be sure to time your speech. 3-5 minutes tops. Waffling kills the vibe.

3. What should I read my wedding speech off?

Have your speech written on a piece of paper or a palm card. Fold the paper in half to stop it giving away your nerves and shaky hands. 

4. Should I drink alcohol before my wedding speech?

Dutch courage is one thing, but don’t get carried away.

5. How to deliver a wedding speech?

Plant those feet, place the head of the mic close to your chin and anchor your elbow to your ribs. This will also help with shaky hands.

6. How do I hold the microphone?

You’re probably going to be spinning some pretty big yarns, but make sure you don’t gesture with your mic hand. Save that for your free hand, probably the one holding your speech.

7. How to give a wedding speech - Have FUN!

Take a deep breath and don’t forget to smile!

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