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As an emcee, you hold an important role in making sure the wedding reception runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all the guests. It can be an overwhelming task, but with these wedding emcee tips and tricks, you’ll be able to confidently lead the night and create a memorable experience for the newlyweds and their guests. As a professional wedding emcee, I am here to help you shine on the night with confidence and professionalism. Let’s dive in to 10 Tips on How To Emcee a Wedding a Wedding Reception.

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1. Prepare Ahead of Time to Emcee a Wedding

The key to a successful wedding reception is preparation. Meet with the couple ahead of time to discuss their vision for the night, including the order of events, any special requests, and the tone they want to set for the reception. Use this information to create an outline or script for the night, so you can stay organized and on track.

2. Be Clear and Confident When You Emcee a Wedding

As the emcee, it’s your job to keep guests informed of what’s happening throughout the night. Make sure you speak clearly and confidently when addressing the crowd, so everyone can hear and understand you. Always use a microphone, and practice projecting your voice effectively in the space. Often it is best to do a sound check in advance of the event, and be clear on if you are using the DJ’s microphone or the venues for the reception.

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3. Introduce Yourself and Set the Tone

Start the night off on the right foot by introducing yourself and setting the tone for the reception. Begin by thanking everyone for coming and expressing your excitement for the newlyweds. Then, let the guests know what they can expect for the night, such as the order of events and any housekeeping from the venue.

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4. Emcee a Wedding the Right Way - With Energy!

The reception is a time for celebration. The formalities of the ceremony are complete and it is now time to have some fun, so keep your energy and enthusiasm up, and be sure to keep a smile on your face. Be sure to create a warm and friendly environment when introducing speakers to the stage to make speeches, but be sure to keep your material grandparent friendly.

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5. Keep The Focus on the Newlyweds

While it’s important to keep the crowd engaged, it’s equally important to keep the focus on the couple. Throughout the night, make sure you highlight the couple’s love story and keep the attention on them, with plenty of opportunities for a cheer and a kiss. This can be done through speeches, toasts, and games. 

It is also important to realize this isn’t your opportunity to give your one-person comedy show a run. You are there to serve a very important function at the end of the day, so keep the focus on the couple, and remember you are there to shine the spotlight of love on them.

6. Be Flexible When You Emcee a Wedding

While it’s important to have a plan, it’s equally important to be flexible. Things don’t always go as planned, and it’s important to be able to adapt to any unexpected changes. If a speech runs long or a delay occurs, be patient and use your quick thinking to make the necessary adjustments. The emcee’s main goal of the reception is to schedule everything around the meals being served so they arrive hot and on time. If it looks like speeches are going to run longer than expected, be sure to let the kitchen know!

Working together with professional vendors and the venue will allow for great communication and smooth sailing throughout the night. Everyone will be able to get their job done exceptionally well and stress-free.

7. Stay Organized

An organized wedding emcee is a successful wedding emcee. Make sure you have all the necessary information and materials ahead of time, such as the guest list, the order of events, the runsheet, and any special requests. Keep everything organized and easily accessible, so you can quickly reference it throughout the night. It is often convenient to have a printed runsheet in your pocket, a pen for adjustments throughout the night, and a Wedding Emcee Script on an iPad or iPad mini, or palm cards if you prefer.

8. Manage The Flow of Events

As the Wedding Master of Ceremonies, you play a crucial role in managing the flow of events throughout the night. Make sure you keep the night on schedule and keep guests informed of what’s happening next. This can be done through announcements, keeping an eye on the clock, and communicating with the couple and vendors. Be sure to get the guests attention before introducing the next event, and physically gesture to were the event is taking place so they know where to look.

9. Use Humour at the Reception

Humour is a great way to break the ice and keep guests engaged over the course of the evening. Use lighthearted jokes or stories to keep the crowd entertained, but be sure to keep it appropriate and respectful. Don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself, as this can help to put guests at ease. But as I mentioned earlier, keep it about the couple, and never make too much fun of the couple, leave that to their wedding party.

10. End the Wedding Reception on a High!

The end of the night is just as important as the beginning. Make sure you end the reception on a high note by thanking everyone for coming and expressing your best wishes for the newlyweds. Encourage the guests to stay and continue celebrating, or provide information on any after-party events. End the night on a positive and celebratory note. I will often do this just before the bouquet toss, as the dance floor ramps up to full swing.

Summary of How to Emcee a Wedding

In conclusion, being an emcee for a wedding reception can be a challenging but rewarding experience. If it is your fist time emcee’ing a reception and you want to know more about How to Emcee a Wedding, please check out our FREE How To Be a Wedding Emcee STARTER KIT for more helpful tips.

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