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How to Read Emcee Script for Wedding Reception

As the emcee at a wedding reception, your role ensures the event runs smoothly. A key part of this is properly reading and delivering the emcee script. The emcee script contains the timeline, order of events, and dialogue that guides you as the master of ceremonies. Knowing how to properly read this emcee script for wedding reception will make you look polished and professional and ensure no awkward silences or hiccups during the reception.

In this comprehensive guide, we will review some tips on the best practices for reading the emcee script at a wedding reception.

What is the Emcee Script for a Wedding Reception?

The emcee script for wedding reception contains the basic timeline and order of events at the wedding reception. This includes introductions, speeches, dances, cake-cutting, and more details.

It will have key pieces of information, including:

  • The names of the wedding party and family members
  • Logistical details like the timing of key events
  • Formal introductions for speakers and presenters
  • Dialogue and jokes to entertain the crowd
  • Expressions of gratitude, like thanking vendors
  • Transition messages between events like dancing

Having this emcee script keeps you on track, improves the flow, and acts as an invaluable guide as the master of ceremonies.

emcee script for wedding reception

Why the Emcee Script is Essential

Some amateur emcees think they can wing it and improvise during a wedding reception. This is not advisable. The emcee script for wedding reception serves some very important purposes:

  • It keeps you organized. A quality script lays out the entire event in an orderly, logical way. You’ll know what’s happening and when.
  • Guides your delivery. The script clues you in on the right things to say and how to transition between activities smoothly.
  • Jogs your memory. Even experienced emcees need to remember key details. The script prevents awkward blanks and mistakes.
  • Allows personalization. While offering helpful prompts, a script still leaves room for you to inject your flair.

Provides backup. Should technology fail, you have your script to rely on to keep things moving.

wedding mc script

Formatting the Emcee Script for Wedding Reception

When drafting the emcee script, keep it organized for easy reading. Some formatting tips:

  • Use a readable font like Arial or Times New Roman, at least 12 pt size.
  • Include font enhancements like bolding or highlighting for emphasis
  • Print double-sided on sturdy paper that won’t blow away.
  • Number the pages and divide them into sections for each part of the reception.
  • Leave wide margins for making notes as you practice.
  • Only include short phrases or bullet points – not big blocks of text.
  • Use large 24+ pt font for key transition cues.

Tips for Delivering the Emcee Script for Wedding Reception

Read from Paper – Make Sure Font is Big

One easy option is to print out the emcee script and read from the paper. Make sure you print in a large, readable font, like a 16-point size. Avoid tiny 10 or 12-point fonts that can strain your eyes.

Pro Tip: Print the script double-sided on heavy card stock. This makes the pages sturdier and easier to flip.

Read from Palm Cards

For a sleeker look, have the script printed out on palm cards – small prompt cards that fit in the palm of your hand. These should only contain short blurbs – not full paragraphs. Focus on key lines only.

You’ll need great memorization skills to pull this off smoothly. Rehearse the handoffs between cards.

Read from an iPad or iPad Mini – BEST OPTION.

One of the best options is reading from an iPad or iPad mini. Having the script digitized on a tablet allows you to:

  • Edit or update the script on the fly.
  • Easily navigate through pages.
  • Adjust font size for reading.
  • Looks professional on stage

The iPad mini is great because it’s small and light enough to hold and reference throughout the event.

For a clean, organized look, all wedding emcees invest in a tablet like the iPad Mini to read their scripts – it can elevate your stage presence. Check out this article on How to MC a Wedding Reception for more tips.

Read from Tablet

Similar to the iPad, having the script on any tablet works well. However, you can’t edit the document on a Kindle or other basic e-reader. But it’s still easy to navigate and read from. Just make sure it’s fully charged.

Don’t Read from Your Phone

While it may be tempting, do NOT read the script from your phone. This looks unprofessional and can be tough to read from a tiny screen. Stick to proper tablets or paper printouts.

wedding emcee opening lines

Additional Tips for Delivering the Emcee Script for Wedding Reception


Practice reading the script out loud multiple times before the actual wedding. Get a feel for the flow, pronunciation, and timing.

Time how long it takes you to read different sections. You want to stay on schedule.

Read from a Tablet on Stage

If you’re on stage and need to discreetly refer to the script, having it on an iPad or tablet looks much better than paper or cards. Set up a music stand to hold your tablet.

Read with Expression

Put personality into your script reading. Use inflection in your voice and emphasize important parts. This will keep guests engaged.

Slow Down

Read at an even, consistent pace. It’s easy to speed through the script when nervous. Take your time.

Make Eye Contact

Glance up regularly to look at the crowd. Don’t bury your head in the script. Keep a connection with your audience.

Highlight Cues

Use a highlighter pen to mark key cues in the script. This helps you prepare for important transitions or announcements.

Stay Hydrated

Keep water at hand on stage. Your mouth can get dry from all the talking. Quick sips will keep your vocal cords lubricated.

Invest in a Professional Script

Finally, I highly recommend all emcees Buy a Professional Wedding MC Script. Having an expertly crafted script takes so much of the stress out of your reception duties. Check out this stellar MC Course, which includes 10 customizable scripts for wedding events. Their scripts follow proven structures, including charming jokes and stories, and allow you to deliver a 5-star performance as the wedding emcee effortlessly.

It’s a great investment for your MC business and worth every penny.

How to Read Your Emcee Script with Confidence

A well-prepared emcee script for a wedding reception is only useful if you can deliver it effectively on stage. Use these tips to perfect your script reading:

  • Invest in high-quality materials – nice paper, tablet, stage stand
  • Prioritize large, easy to read fonts
  • Rehearse constantly to get the flow and timing right
  • Read at a moderate pace – not too fast or too slow
  • Make eye contact with guests to engage them
  • Use vocal inflection and enthusiasm
  • Highlight important cues like transitions
  • Have water on hand in case your mouth gets dry

If you can master reading the emcee script for wedding reception, your presence and delivery as the wedding host will impress guests and make the event seamless. Couples searching for a memorable day during their upcoming wedding can actualize this dream if they Book a Professional Wedding Emcee to bring their vision to life.


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