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How To Change Your Name After Wedding in Australia

Getting married is an exciting time, but it also comes with a lot of administrative tasks like updating your documentation to reflect your Change your name after wedding. While you don’t have to change your last name marriage if you don’t want to, many couples share the same last name as a symbol of their union.

If you decide on a post wedding name change, here is a comprehensive guide on navigating the name change process in Australia after your marriage.

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What Are My Post Change your name After Wedding Options in Australia

When it comes to changing your name after wedding in Australia, you and your new spouse have a few options to choose from:


Take Your Spouse’s Surname

The most traditional route is to adopt your spouse’s surname and officially change your last name to match theirs. This signals your new union and status as a freshly married couple to the world. It often feels like the obvious choice – especially for the bride – but is not mandatory.

Hyphenate Both Surnames

You can also blend both existing surnames into a double-barrelled hybrid name with a hyphen in the middle. That could result in the new name Sally Kyler-Julius for Sally Kyler and John Julius. This allows you to fuse identities and retain parts of your former independent names. Just be prepared to spell out that longer surname frequently!

Keep Your Own Surname

The non-conformist approach is simply keeping your own last name intact. Your marriage certificate will still confirm your legal marriage status without issue. This makes practical sense these days when many partners have already built professional reputations and published under maiden names pre-marriage.

Your Spouse Takes Your Surname

Finally, the least common but equally valid option is your husband adopting your surname instead of the traditional way round. Gender norms are fading in modern Australia and some men are opting to uphold their wife’s family name going forward into the newlywed future.

With all those variations available, consult with your fiancé before the big day and decide what feels right for you both in terms of the best name change after wedding approach. The law leaves the final call in your hands.

Do You Have to Change Your Name After Wedding in Australia?

Despite tradition and convention, there is no legal obligation to formally change your name after getting married in Australia.

While the vast majority of blushing brides eagerly take their new husband’s surname to signal their transformation to Mrs. New-Surname, that step is entirely optional rather than compulsory.

You retain full rights to keep your unmarried name intact if preferred. Some career-focused women choose to stick with their maiden name under which they secured qualifications, published research, or established industry reputations pre-wedding.

Others simply wish to keep their name consistent through life rather than adjust it due to each marriage and divorce.

So in summary – no, Australian law does not enforce any kind of mandatory name switch after marriage. Depending on personal preference, they have full discretion to alter their surnames or retain their original ones.

The only naming formality ensures your married name is accurately captured on the official marriage certificate registered after the ceremony. Beyond that document, take your pick.

How Much Does a Post Wedding Name Change Cost in Australia?

Post marriage name change costs will vary depending on which documents and cards you need to update:

  • Marriage certificate: $60 to $100
  • Driver’s license: $29 to $42, depending on your state
  • Passport: $144 to $289
  • Bank cards: Most banks do not charge for debit and credit card replacements due to name change
  • Private health, Medicare, etc typically no charge, but takes time to process changes

As you can see, a basic change your last name marriage costs can range from $240 to over $500 depending on if you need to renew your Passport immediately or if it can wait.

The specific costs will ultimately come down to each state and territory. Check government websites for the latest pricing on document replacements locally.

Or use Easily Change Your Name After Marriage in Australia Here, which helps notify all institutions as part of the process.

Steps for How To Change Your Name After Wedding in Australia

Follow this checklist to officially update your details as part of your after-marriage surname change in Australia:

  1. Obtain your marriage certificate

Once wed, you will need to lodge your official marriage registration documents. This includes your marriage certificate, which acts as your proof of name change from your maiden name.

Expect this from your celebrant shortly after the ceremony is completed.

  1. Change your Driver’s license and state ID

With your marriage certificate handy, start by updating your state-issued ID like your Driver’s license, proof of age card, etc.

This ensures your new post marriage name is reflected on licenses, building society memberships, club memberships and anywhere a photo ID is shown.

  1. Update Passport in new married name

Your Passport is linked to so many aspects of your identity, like banking, utility accounts, and more.

Visit the passport office website to fill out the application form, pay the fee, and renew your Passport in your married name.


  1. Change your bank accounts and cards

You must request new debit and credit cards and update your bank accounts to reflect your married name. Most Aussie banks can do this with your marriage certificate.

  1. Change tax and ATO details

Log into your myGov account linked to the ATO and update your personal details like name, marital status, and more. This ensures your tax records are accurate.

  1. Notify other government departments and services

Other services to update range from Medicare, Centrelink, MyHealth Record, Australian Electoral Commission, your super fund and more.

Use your marriage certificate as evidence and complete any forms required. Each agency and service will have its own process to follow.

While not exhaustive, it covers most of the essential steps to officially register your post wedding name Change across both government and private institutions.

Easy Change Your Name After Wedding Process in AUS

While you can navigate the after marriage surname change process in Australia yourself, services like Easy Name Change make it far simpler:

  1. Complete one form with your details
  2. They prepare custom documents for each agency and institution that needs updating
  3. Submit the documents on your behalf and chase progress
  4. Alert you once each organisation has updated their records

Rather than spending hours filling out repetitive forms, they take care of the heavy lifting following the official process end-to-end.

It takes a lengthy admin headache off your hands so you can focus on more important post-wedding matters. Consider using Easy Name Change to assist with Change your name After Wedding process in Australia.

How To Change Your Name After Wedding Checklist

Here is a checklist of the key agencies and services you need to notify as part of your post-marriage name change:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Bank accounts
  • Debit, credit & store cards
  • Change of address
  • Phone, internet, and utilities
  • Taxation Office (ATO)
  • Medicare & health insurance
  • Centrelink & child support
  • Superannuation fund
  • Australia Post re-direction
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • My Health Record

That covers most of the essential contacts for your post-wedding name change.

The Easy Name Change service can handle updating all those organisations on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Is There a Deadline to Change Your Name After Wedding?

Unlike some countries, there is no official deadline or time limit to change your name after getting married in Australia.

You can update government departments and other institutions days after your wedding or even several years later if you want (just bring your original marriage certificate as evidence).

However, it’s wise to change your name after wedding sooner rather than later. Legal names that don’t match your documentation can cause issues when applying for loans, passports, etc.

Ideally, begin the name change process within two months from the wedding date. This gives you time to receive the required official documentation while the details remain fresh.

Click here for and follow  Government Guidlines to Name Change  in Australia. 

How Long Do I Have to Change My Name After Marriage?

Unlike divorces, which legally mandate name revisions finalized within 60 days, post wedding name changes have no strictly enforced completion timeline. Generally, when American couples return from honeymoons, it is the most effortless period for brides or grooms to modify their surname across accounts—floating in newlywed bliss rather than juggling hectic career and family responsibilities.   

While change your name after wedding procrastination is not illegal, putting off inevitable paperwork does tend to spiral stressful headaches. Set clear, self-imposed target dates for completing your full marriage name change checklist. If you drag your feet endlessly on intended name modifications, documents eventually requiring maiden name matches to back up marriage identity get complicated.  

Suppose you do need more time to decide on a surname for personal reasons. Keep utilizing your maiden name consistently until the choice gets officially enacted through the marriage name checklist completion. Sudden back-and-forth name fluctuations on applications cause rejections. Stick with one name or the other uniformly during any transition process.


Deciding on whether to proceed with a formal name change due to marriage in Australia comes down to personal choice – there is no legal requirement to change your name.

If you decide to update your name, allow 2-3 months to receive your paperwork, then notify all necessary departments and agencies.

Use your marriage certificate as proof allowing you to change your name after wedding across Driver’s licenses, Passport, bank accounts and necessary memberships.

Consider Easily Change Your Name After Marriage in Australia Here to handle completing forms and managing the process Australia-wide on your behalf.

They help simplify an incredibly lengthy admin task, taking the load off you. We wish you happiness in your new marriage and the next chapter of your life under your preferred new name.

Checklist for Marriage Name Change in the Australia

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