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Champagne Tower at a Wedding

A champagne tower is a striking visual centerpiece at many weddings. A serene anticipation fills the room as bubbles cascade down a towering champagne display. Guests raise glasses for the special newlywed toast while cameras flash. The champagne tower is a spectacular wedding tradition you’ll want to orchestrate flawlessly. As the master of ceremonies (MC), you may be tasked with announcing and facilitating the champagne tower toast. This guide will provide tips on successfully orchestrating a champagne tower toast at a wedding.

What is a Champagne Tower at a Wedding?

A champagne tower consists of stacked tiers of champagne glasses that create a pyramid shape. Champagne is poured into the top glass and cascades into each successive glass tier. The towering glasses of bubbly champagne make for a gorgeous focal point and photo opportunity at weddings. 

The champagne tower is often used for a special toast during the wedding reception. It provides great visual drama as the wedding party and guests gather to toast the newly married couple. The champagne tower toast offers a memorable shared experience for all.

When to Make a Champagne Tower Toast

The number of glasses needed depends on the base size of the tower structure. A small champagne tower starts with a base of 6 glasses. A medium size uses a 10-glass base, and large towers have a 15-glass base.

The glasses are stacked from the base in ascending tiers that get smaller near the top “spire” glass. For example, a 10-glass base would need about 40 total glasses to build a pyramid 3 tiers high.

Consider the number of guests and overall wedding size when deciding on tower height. Allow at least 2 glasses per table to ensure all guests partake in the toast. You can find a great selection of  Champagne Glasses for Toasting

Cost of a Champagne Tower at a Wedding

  • Champagne glasses: $2-$5 per glass when rented. Multiply by the total number of glasses needed.
  • Champagne: Around $20-40 per bottle. Calculate 1-2 bottles per table.
  • Champagne Tower stands for $30-$100 to rent.
  • Champagne bucket with stand: $10-$30 to rent.
  • Ice cubes or chiller sleeves: $5-$15.

Additional costs may apply for champagne tower assembly/disassembly labor fees. Depending on the scale, expect to spend $200-500+ on a champagne tower.

How Do You Run a Champagne Tower Toast?

As the MC, follow these tips for a smooth champagne tower execution:

  • Announce the toast and invite the newlyweds and a wedding party to gather around the tower.
  • Provide some background about the tradition as champagne is poured to the top. Describe the cascade effect to guests.
  • Build suspense and pause for photos as the bubbles flow down the tower.
  • Once filled, lead a toast “to the bride and groom!” and cue guests to raise glasses.
  • Invite the newlyweds to sip champagne together from the glasses at the tower base.
  • Wrap up the toast and transition to the next reception activity or celebration.

Running a flawless champagne tower toast takes practice and expertise. Need Help With Your MC Script? For comprehensive MC training, the MC Masterclass course provides expert instruction.

Are Champagne Towers Messy?

Spills and drips do happen! Here are tips to minimize messes:

  • Choose plastic stemware if using real champagne. Plastic is more shatterproof.
  • Line the floor under and around the tower with waterproof material to catch spills.
  • Pour champagne gently and steadily to prevent overflow.
  • Provide napkins for easy wipe-ups.
  • Use a tower spill stopper like an acrylic shield to prevent drips.
  • Avoid topping off glasses to the brim. Leave a little room at the top.

Speech Tip: Write an Impactful Champagne Toast Script

Follow a logical four-part structure when scripting your toast:

  1. Opening: Welcome everyone and set the celebratory tone. Build eager anticipation.
  2. Middle: Share meaningful sentiments about the couple and this tradition. Avoid inside jokes; keep inclusive.
  3. The Toast: Propose a clear wedding wish. Cue the action of raising glasses.
  4. Conclusion: Direct a collective sip, applause, and seamless transition to the next reception event.

Champagne Tower Toast Script

Here is a sample champagne tower toast script:

“May I have everyone’s attention, please? We have a special champagne tower to celebrate Stephen and Marie on their wedding day. This tower represents the many blessings and good fortune we wish for their marriage.

I will ask our newlyweds to take their places beside the tower in a moment. Champagne will be poured into the top glass and cascade magically down through each tier. This signifies the abundance of love flowing through their lives today and beyond.

Let’s gather around with our champagne glasses for this time-honored tradition! Stephen and Marie, could you step right over here? Perfect.

(PAUSE as champagne is poured)

Look at how the bubbles catch the light as they spill into each glass. What a gorgeous sight! Now, please raise your glasses. Let’s toast Stephen and Marie on their marriage and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

To Stephen and Marie! Cheers!”

(PAUSES for sipping)

“How about a round of applause for Stephen and Marie? Now, if our newlyweds could each take a glass from the bottom of the tower for a symbolic toast…Wonderful! Let’s continue the celebration on the dance floor, shall we? The next song is dedicated to the newlyweds from Marie’s parents.”

(Transition into next activity/song)


A champagne tower makes for an unforgettable wedding highlight that looks magnificent and brings everyone together. As the MC, follow these champagne tower tips – from timing, setup, and guiding the toast – to ensure the moment sparkles. With careful orchestration, you can lead a flawless champagne tower experience that provides “oohs” and “ahhs” and lasting memories. Cheers to celebrating the newlyweds in sensational style!

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