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5 Tips to Deliver a Funny Wedding Officiant Speech

As the chosen officiant, all eyes will be on you when you deliver your wedding officiant speech. This is your big moment to welcome the guests, honor the couple, and kick off the celebration in style. No pressure, right? While the speech should maintain an air of solemnity befitting the occasion, it doesn’t have to be boring! Sprinkling in some humor and personal touches can liven up your officiant speech and delight the bride, groom, and guests. Here are 5 tips for giving a funny yet meaningful wedding officiant speech.

What Does a Wedding Officiant Say at a Wedding?

When preparing your wedding officiant speech, it’s important first to understand the traditional components. A typical officiant speech includes:


  • Welcoming the guests: As the officiant, you’ll likely be the first person addressing the crowd, so greet the guests and thank them for witnessing the marriage.
  • Introducing yourself: Briefly explain your relation to the couple and the circumstances that led you to officiate their wedding. This gives you credibility. For example, “For those who do not know me, I am the bride’s Cousin and have known Amanda since she was a young girl.”


  • Thanking the bridal party: Recognize the maid of honor,  best man, bridesmaids, flower girl, groomsmen, the couples’ parents, and ring bearer for their roles in the wedding. Consider adding a funny quip about their wild bachelor/bachelorette parties!
  • Mentioning loved ones: This is the place to pay respect to close family members and friends who couldn’t attend or are no longer with us. Touching on this shows you acknowledged special people missing from the day.
  • Remarks about the couple: Share thoughts on the bride and groom and their relationship. Focus on their strengths as a couple and wish them well in their marriage. Get creative and think of 3-4 meaningful stories or qualities that exemplify their love.

If you need guidance, check out this helpful How to Officiate a Wedding Guide:

wedding officiant speech

How Long Should a Wedding Officiant Speech Be?

Aim to keep your wedding officiant speech around 15 minutes long. Much shorter than that would seem rushed, while longer risks losing people’s attention. Devote the bulk of the time to your remarks on the couple and words of wisdom for their marriage ahead. The other components, like welcoming guests and thanking the wedding party, only require a sentence or two each.

If you’re unsure what to say, consider getting a pre-written Wedding Officiant Speech Script as a starting point. Then, you can customize it with your personal touches. Click Here to buy a Wedding Officiant Speech Script:

What Are the Opening Words of a Wedding Officiant Speech?

Set the tone from the very beginning with a warm, lighthearted opening greeting like:

“Good evening, family, friends, and loved ones of Amanda and Jack. We’re here tonight to celebrate the magical union of this amazing couple!”

Or go for something more playful if it fits the couple’s personality:

“Welcome, everyone! Who’s ready to see these two lovebirds tie the knot?”

As the officiant, your opening line will quiet the crowd and grab their attention for the important words ahead.

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5 Tips to Deliver a Funny Wedding Officiant Speech

Here are 5 tips to help you give a memorable, humorous, and meaningful wedding officiant speech on the big day:


1. Introduce yourself and how you know the couple


Rather than just stating your name and that you’re officiating add a sentence letting the audience know your unique connection to the couple. This could be:

  • How did you meet one of them in college or work together?
  • If you’re a family member or childhood friend.
  • A funny anecdote of how they asked you to officiate, like if the groom once bailed you out when your car broke down.

2. Be specific when delivering your funny wedding officiant speech

Vague comments like “Jack and Amanda are so great together!” won’t resonate as much as sharing a detailed example that shows why they’re compatible. Tell a story showcasing the couple’s humor or teamwork. Describe a cute memory of how they first met or a date night. The more personal and specific you can be, the more it will touch the couple and their loved ones.

For example, “I remember Amanda telling me about her first date with Jack at the county fair. She said after he won her a huge stuffed panda bear at the ring toss, he tripped and spilled blue cotton candy all over them! They were a sticky blue mess, but they were cracking up about it together. I knew then that she’d found her perfect match.”


3. Get the couple to write their own personal vows.


Suggest the bride and groom each write their own vows to share during the ceremony. Hearing them profess their love and commitment in their own words is much more meaningful than repeating traditional scripted vows. Plus, vows written straight from the heart often contain funny inside jokes, silly nicknames, and other quirks unique to the couple’s relationship.

For example, “John, your vow about how I ‘cook the perfect 3-minute instant ramen’ touched my heart. Who knew noodles could show love!”


4. Scissor, Paper, Rock for who goes first!


Add an element of fun by having the couple play Rock Paper Scissors to determine who reads their vows first! This lighthearted moment adds suspense and gets the guests cheering and laughing. Make sure to announce the winner with exaggerated enthusiasm:

“And the Scissor Paper Rock champion who will profess their love first today is…Amanda!”


5. Be confident when delivering a funny wedding officiant speech.


Speak slowly, loudly, and clearly. Make eye contact with the guests and pause for laughter after jokes. Read over your speech several times to rehearse your delivery. Don’t worry if some jokes don’t land – roll with it and keep going confidently. Your calm, collected presence will help make the funny parts shine.

If the thought of speaking in front of a crowd makes you nervous, Click Here to Get a Professional Officiant to Write and Deliver a Funny Wedding Officiant Speech For You! 

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How Do You Write a Good Wedding Officiant Speech?

If writing a wedding speech sounds intimidating, know that you have options. Many officiants have a standard wedding officiant speech template they tweak for each ceremony. Or you can hire a professional speechwriter to craft a one-of-a-kind speech perfect for you and the couple.

Click here for American Wedding Blog Article examples of a wedding officiant speech from the American ordained minister speech


Most importantly, your funny officiant speech reflects your genuine care for the couple. Share warm, lighthearted remarks and wisdom from the heart, and you’ll surely deliver a speech they’ll remember forever.


Giving a wedding officiant speech is an honor. With the right balance of humor, personal anecdotes, and heartfelt good wishes, you can craft a speech that kicks off the couple’s marriage in a joyful, memorable way. Professionals can assist if you need help writing or want to hand off the public speaking. With the spotlight on you as the officiant, your speech sets the tone for the couple’s big day – so make it a good one!

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